About Us


For 44 years, D.F. Seeds, Inc. has been building a better product for our customers. We depend upon our customers to demand progress.

D.F. Science

At D.F. Seeds, we combine the latest technology available with our years of dedicated research and expertise to allow the farmer the opportunity to maximize productivity and add sustainability to their farm.

Building relationships

We are confident in the product we develop, and we are confident in our farmer’s results. This confidence has grown from the 44 years we’ve spent listening to customer’s needs, walking their fields, sharing ideas, and developing solutions to make our product superior. We treat all our partners with respect, compassion, and loyalty. We understand how the little things go a long way in this business. To become a partner, contact us.

Value added

Success in this industry depends on an ever-growing number of factors; the weather, market prices, equipment, disease, insects, the list goes on and on. That is why we try our hardest to remain a constant. You can count on D.F. Seeds to produce tremendous results year after year, and our customer support is second to none. Being a D.F. customer means you made the right decision. D.F. Seeds believes in products that are good for the consumer as well as the grower.

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