Our Heritage

History of DF Seeds

1969 –

Diehl Fields builds a seed plant

John is playing in a Navy P-3 Patrol plane

1975 –

John attends Dr. Moore’s T2 school on living tissue analysts

1976 –

Diehl Fields cold tests and T2 tests all soybean lots

1977 –

Diehl Fields installs homemade bean ladder and a gravity table to improve seed physiology

1978 –

Diehl Fields goes to all rotary combines for seed quality

Diehl Fields starts cooperative research with Bio Plant

1979 –

Diehl Fields releases first bean in Michigan with Brown Stem Rot resistance

1980 –

Diehl Fields builds the first soybean plant in with 100% bean ladders Acuscreen, Double Gravity and spiral separators

1983 –

John learned from the best by having test sites with Dairyland, Asgrow and Callahan Seeds

1984 –

Diehl Fields starts their DF line of soybeans

DF 101 won MSU Trials, the first group 1 to do so

1985 –

John learns a lot and lights genetics fire by joining Asgrow, Callahan and Dairyland with advance research sites


Diehl Fields starts production and conditioning for Asgrow

1992 –

Diehl Fields name officially changed to DF Seeds, Inc.

1994 –

DF Seeds produced the first GMO soybean seed in Michigan for Asgrow

1996 –

The year of infamy — John lost his wife and the farm

1997 –

With help from his three best friends from Purdue University, DF Seeds becomes a standalone seed company

1998 –

D.F. Seeds doubles the capacity of its seed plant

1999 –

In conjunction with Asgrow, DF Seeds exports the first GMO soybean seed to Cargill Canada

D.F. Seeds starts custom producing and packaging for Asgrow, Channel Bio, Dairyland, CPS, UAP, ZFS and Chemgro

2001 –

With Iowa State and ZFS, DF Seeds does the first blow up of soybeans with zero trans fat oil

DF Seeds receives its Certified Organic certificate

2004 –

DF Seeds becomes first small company with a Vistive™ Modified Oil license

2010 –

DF Seeds installs state-of-the-art computer controlled treater. Unit is isolated to maintain organic certification

2015 –

Company completes an ownership transition to prepare for long-term growth. Chris Varner becomes president and owner, founder John Diehl becomes research director.

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