Liberty herbicide

Every missed weed can impact yield. Liberty® herbicide is a simply better solution for weed control that handles tough-to-control and resistant weeds

Only working nonselective herbicide for grasses and broadleaf weed control

Unique site of action, unlike any other herbicide on the market

S.T.O.P.s tough-to-control and resistant weeds

Neighbor-friendly and convenient to use

With more than 60 million acres of canola, corn, cotton and soybeans now having the LibertyLink trait, growers can spray powerful Liberty®, the only working nonselective herbicide to handle tough-to-control weeds, including Palmer amaranth, giant ragweed, kochia, waterhemp and marestail.

S.T.O.P. weeds with Liberty® Application guidelines for maximum control:

Start clean and stay clean:
Control emerged weeds prior to planting and control escapes throughout the season.
Target < 3” weeds:
Small weeds are easier to control.
Optimized coverage:
Follow the correct rate, water volume and droplet size.
Pair with residuals:
Use multiple effective sites of action for pre- and post-residuals.


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