Elite wheat from 7 breeding programs

DFender Seed Treatment is included on all D. F. wheat seed. DFender seed treatment “protects your genetic potential” by defending against seedling diseases, wireworms, and aphids. DFender uses four fungicides and an insecticide to protect wheat seedlings.

D.F. Seeds believes all wheat should be sprayed pre-flower with Prosaro® or equivalent. Wheat with moderate leaf rust, powdery mildew, or stripe rust scores should be sprayed timely for these problems. Once planting reaches the second week of October, apply 30 to 50 pounds of nitrogen to help tillering. Scout wheat starting November 1st for aphids. When planting wheat after corn or wheat, apply fungicide in the fall.

2018 red wheat varieties
2018 white wheat varieties
2018 red wheat varieties chart
2018 white wheat varieties chart

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